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Přemysl Otakar II.

Československá televize (Czechoslovakian Television) Ostrava, 1989:

Released before Mobilis in mobili. While filming in the television studio, the playback was so turned down that you could hear everything from footsteps to sweat dripping from everyone there. A big chunk of the song had to be even cut out so it would fit the broadcasting time. Stanislav Balko had to assist during the editing which, fortunately, went well as they had time for only one try and if it had not worked well, the band would have had to go home without the clip.

Video Přemysl Otakar II







Československá televize (Czechoslovakian Television) Praha, 1990:
The playback is a bit different from the album version. Unfortunately, due to low-quality analog–digital conversion, the video is only black and white.

Video VictoriaTarantula-Victoria-2





Tarantula live 1990

Video poskytl Petr Marek (Muzikant Králíček). Děkuji moc.