mobilis in mobili




The members of the Czech band Tarantula have always shown a certain kind of high-spirited and lively energy that has bond them together forever. Their brother-like connection helped them create their debut album and complete one phase of their musical career. Their first project Mobilis in mobili was made in times when money did not matter (at least for us), the rock'n'roll stars were shining on the Czechoslovakia only from far far away and radical nation-wide social and economic changes were upon us (even though only some knew that).

Yes, Tarantula's music is somehow filled with naivety and artlessness but, at the same time, the listeners are overwhelmed by the novel sound which is definitely not based on usual musical and lyrical clichés. This perception is also supported by their maximum enthusiasm and determination which can be heard in their music and lyrics as they show their life experience and addiction to their art.



INTROLanger / Langer

VICTORIABalko S., Balko P., Langer / Langer

RÁCHELLanger, Balko P. / Langer

SMĚR? SEVER!!!Langer, Balko P./Langer

SRAZ TU MŮRU DOLŮ!Balko P., Langer / Langer

KARAVANA SMRTILanger, Balko P. / Langer

CHANCELLORLanger / Langer

MOBILIS IN MOBILILanger, Balko P./ Langer, Balko P.

NAUTILUSLanger / Langer