Mobilis in Mobili

And what does "Mobilis in mobili" mean and where it came from?

Mobilis in mobili is from Latin and it means "moving in a moving thing". In this context, it means the moving Nautilus (submarine) in moving element (water, sea, ocean). It was the motto of the Nautilus from the Jules Verne 1875 novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The Nautilus captain was Nemo who loved freedom and independence more than anything. If you want to read more about Jules Verne and his bibliography, you can click here. Under the text, you can listen to the songs from the album.


INTROLanger / Langer

VICTORIABalko S., Balko P., Langer / Langer

RÁCHELLanger, Balko P. / Langer

SMĚR? SEVER!!!Langer, Balko P./Langer

SRAZ TU MŮRU DOLŮ!Balko P., Langer / Langer

KARAVANA SMRTILanger, Balko P. / Langer

CHANCELLORLanger / Langer

MOBILIS IN MOBILILanger, Balko P./ Langer, Balko P.

NAUTILUSLanger / Langer



Pavel Balko (dr), Stanislav Balko (Stano) (g), Viktor Kula (voc), Michal Langer (Kevé) (g), Dušan Zeman (Dodo) (bg). Intro v anglické verzi namluvil: Colum Leckey z Washington D. C.





The originally proposed album cover from 1990

the album cover from the 2018 re-release here  CD sale


It was supposed to be a vinyl record (LP).
Graphics by Michal Langer
Tarantula logo by Stanislav Balko
Back side photo by national enterprise Okresní podnik služeb, Hranice, 1990
The unfinished picture: (an oil painting by Franta Řehák , 1990, Nový Jičín) *

*Note 2018: Franta Řehák is a guitarist and versatile artist. He also composed the song "Vzdálená" (which was later sung by a famous Czech power metal band Kreyson) and these days, he plays guitar in the rock band Demos (whose biggest hit song is "Bezdomovec")



Time of recording:               August 1990
Place of recording:              Studio 3, Ostrava - Mariánské hory, Czechoslovakia (Radek Krajíček)
Recording technology:       analogue 8–track magnetophon
Director of audiography:    Ivan Červenka 
Photos from the studio:      Aleš Opletal using the camera Pionýr,  1, 2, (unfortunately, not many were taken)

Remastering:                       BOMB JACK STUDIO, Wendel Dreiseitl, January–April 2018 



Band's Instruments and Devices

 If you are interested in what instruments Tarantula played while recording Mobilis in mobili, click on the headlineelektronky